Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mt. Vesuvius

I am back, well sort of, for now. Haha. The posts are lacking here because of no Internet and not for the lack of adventures. We signed up for Internet on August 2nd and I just asked again today (September 6th) and still nothing, they keep saying "probably next week." Let's just say things more at a lot slower and more relaxed pace than in the USA haha. So I have been running to the on-base library almost everyday to use the Internet. But its been mostly used for Etsy shop business stuff, emails, and planning more adventures and trips. Also there upload speed is rather slow. So blogging takes the back burner just a bit. I am going to try and catch up on my post though because I have a handful that need to go up. I'll probably get some drafts written and photos edited at home without Internet then when I do get a bit of wifi or Internet I can throw up a post. Always, on to my post about Mt. Vesuvius! Thanks for sticking around!! 
On top of Naples on a Saturday can’t be beat. Especially when the top is Mt. Vesuvio or as we call it in the states Mt. Vesuvius and the other side is the best view of Naples, Italy! Also the view of the Mt. Vesuvius crater is amazing. Mt. Vesuvius is an active volcano and the magnum is about 10km (6miles) under the surface of the crater. I loved all the lava rock and there were even bracelets made of our lava rocks that were so pretty! 

There was the most beautiful wildflowers growing on the hill and I think that in the spring it is probably even more gorgeous because I bet there is even more flowers. Next spring, we might have to make another trip up, maybe by that time we will have visitors and we can take them up there. The friends that we went with up to Mt. Vesuvius we met the first week we were here and I am so glad we did! Her and I have a lot in common and we both love photography. It was cool to get photos from both of our perspectives. It is also nice to have candid photos of Clark and I and even posed ones. The ones of Clark and I together are taken by her and she has her own blog called Flourish Freely  ! Go check it out. 

I think that every blog post I write will say something along the lines of “this is the best thing we have done in Italy so far.” Because everything we do is so amazing and I just can’t get enough of it. I loved Mt. Vesuvius and while there are tours to do this amazing site, you can definitely do it on your own. We did it on our own which was nice because it was cheaper and we got to go at our own pace. And afterword we stopped by a cute little restaurant on the side of the mountain. 
love, Carlee 

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