Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New stuff at Little Sloth shop

Hey all! So there is a bunch of new stuff at the Little Sloth shop on Etsy and also on Casetify! I'll first start off with Etsy. I have 6 new mugs. A Pirate, Mountain Sheep (inspiration from our trip to Ireland), a Strong Men mug to go along with the Strong Women mug. (Also selling the pair in a set here!), Lion, Pug, and Sloth!My mom has asked me for about a year now why I don't have a sloth mug yet and it's finally here! Haha. I am really proud of the sloth, pug, lion and pirate because I did them all myself. My husband, Clark, is super talented in the drawing department so we usually collaborate on the animal drawings but these ones I did 95% myself. Instead of the usually 50% me and 50% him. I did ask for his insight and feedback of course that's why I give him 5% credit on these and myself 95% haha.

I also have 4 new military cards. They are for military promotions. When Clark got promoted from specialist to sgt my mom was looking for a card to buy him and couldn't really find anything good. She kept telling me that I really should design a military promotion card so I did a card design for the enlisted promotion rates in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. I currently don't do custom orders but if there is enough demand for other designs for the promotion cards I will definitely add them to my shop. 

I also have 3 new tech case designs on Casetify. I have a holiday iPhone case, chocolate and hearts a.k.a Valentine's Day, and a new fun geometric pattern. 

Don't forget I have a sale going on at my Etsy shop now through November 29th! Take 10% off your entire purchase with code : WEEKENDSALE10 . Enter the code at checkout. 

Casetify also has sales going on this week:  Black Friday starts T O D A Y (November 22) and lasts until Friday PST!
16% off all orders over $30
20% off orders over $70

code: BLACK2016

love, Carlee 

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