Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Things I screenshotted v.04

I haven't done one of these in forever and I thought it was about time since I screenshotted a bunch of stuff from Halloween and Halloween costumes. I totally want to be big and pregnant around Halloween sometime. Have you seen some of the cute pregnant women costumes they are so awesome! So yes, I would like to travel, make art, laugh about funny diet memes and send them to my mom and have to be discussed. haha I would love the sloth cake. I am not a big fan of cake but maybe some fudge or brownies frosted like the sloth cake below. Would that be weird? Yeah, probably. 

Art and Travel
About food and dieting! haha
I told my Mom that I wanted her to make and send my this cake for my birthday!

All about Halloween
This photo of April from Parks and Rec looks just like my friend Mayet! 

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