Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Royal Palace of Caserta

Over the weekend we visited our landlords in there come town of Caserta, Italy. They made us lunch at there home and we got to meet two of their three children. We had such a big lunch, we had spaghetti, salad, mozzarella, bread, apples, and baba (a traditional Naples rum cake.) They also gave us some grappa which is a 40% alcohol like whiskey but made from grapes like wine is but it is way stronger than wine. After lunch which lasted about 2 hours haha. We went to the Royal Palace of Caserta.
We have been hearing lots of things about the Royal Palace of Caserta. People in the area say its the best royal palace in the world better than the Palace of Versailles. I guess Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton visited back in the 90s when Bill was the US President and she said it was the most beautiful place in the world. That is what our landlords said so don't quote me because I am not how true it is haha. We did find out that scenes were filmed here at the palace for Stars Wars: Episode I and II for the Palace on Naboo in the movies. Pretty cool stuff. Also, some of Mission Impossible III was filmed here.
It is a truly beautiful palace and it is so huge and grand. We saw about 50 rooms and I thought it was a lot. I guess there are actually over 1400 rooms in the entire palace. We saw a couple bedrooms with there beds and the throne room and bathrooms. The last king lived in the palace in 1860 after that the monarchy was dissolved.

We had a lovely time and it was fun to get to see a little bit of Italy through a locals eyes. For far we have lucked out with our landlords. They are great. I know a lot of people here have bad experiences but our has been wonderful so far.... knock on wood. hehe.
love, Carlee

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