Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gaeta, Italy

Clark and I headed up to Gaeta on Sunday. It is just a little more than an hour away and the US ships and submarines dock there when they come to southern Italy. So that is why we have heard a lot about it but it is mainly just a very cute little coastal Italian town. The drive was easy and fairly straight away. We first wanted to go to Saint Francesco church. I have seen photos of it and it looked amazing. The church itself and the stairs leading up to it are so old and beautiful. And the view of Gaeta from the church is so worth the narrow one lane hairpin turned ride to get there. I love all the color buildings and red rooftops in Italy. And of course, St. Francesco looking out over the town. 
After scoping out the church, unfortunately it wasn't open to view the inside, we headed down to find some food. We drove along the shore (do they call it a boardwalk here? I don't think so) and parked to find some food. We ended up stopping at a little 'by the slice' pizza place which isn't common here. They had pizza and also Tielle which is like a stuffed pizza with crust on both sides. We got one with spinach and one with zucchini and then Clark got a calzone with ricotta cheese. The food was very good, the spinach Tielle was my least favorite but it got eaten. haha 
We headed along the cobblestone shore for a while and then stopped at Il Molo for ice cream. When I looked online the gelato place had great reviews but said they didn't open until 5pm, but turns out they were open at around 1pm when we walked by. So I think Google is wrong with the hours of the place or maybe they were just open because it was the weekend. Either way I was glad. Clark had amerena (cherry) and I had fragola (strawberry) and chocolate each with whip cream. 
Once we enjoyed the delicious gelato we headed to the top of Gaeta to find Grotta del Turco. Which is a cave with stairs that lead all the way down to the water but you can only go about 1/4 of the way down now. The cave and out cut of the cliffs used to be an ancient hiding place of pirates. At least that is the legend. Italy has so much great history and culture. 

It should also be noted that we went to Gaeta on Palm Sunday and people were handing out olive branches in honor of the day. I love that Italians are so invested in there religion and customs. They have lots of traditions and they are so old and marvelous. 
love, Carlee
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