Saturday, April 15, 2017

Poppy fields forever

I LOVE these photos! So much so that I used one as my new profile photo on Instagram and Twitter which is a big deal because I haven't changed those profile pics in like a year and a half. This field is actually the same field that these blue wildflower photos were taken in but within the last week or so a ton of wild poppies popped up and I have been noticing poppies everywhere now. They grow wild at the bottom of telephone polls and in hay fields. I sometimes wonder if people thing they are just a mangy weed when I think they are amazing and beautiful!
I basically felt like Dorthy on the Wizard of Oz minus the fall asleep part and plus the bright red romper part. Which I am sure Judy Garland wouldn't be caught dead wearing. The spring weather is finally here and it is so nice. And by spring weather I mean mid 70s and sunny. Where the spring weather in Washington State right now is probably rainy and mid 50s so definitely enjoying this southern Italian spring.
Season 5 of HBO's Girls came in the mail and I am already half way through the season. The seasons are pretty short actually just 10 episodes of 30 minutes. It goes by fast, at least I can go through them pretty fast. But I now have an HBO Now account so as soon as I am done with season 5 I can move right onto season 6 which is currently airing on TV! Also, I have been watching to watch SJP's Divorce and that is on HBO Now as well. After this paragraph it might seem like my life revolves around TV......... and it does ;) jk... but maybe a little bit.
love, Carlee
Romper: H&M
Sandals: Toms

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