Sunday, July 2, 2017

242nd Army Birthday Ball

Just a few photos from the military ball we attended last week. This is the first military ball we have attended here in Italy and it's the first that the company has had in a few years. So we were lucky to be able to attend and we had a lot of fun. Clark had to do color guard which is where some of the soldiers bring out the flags at the beginning of the night and retire them at the end. He was holding the Italian flag and did a great job. 
The venue was absolutely gorgeous. It was this beautiful villa and gardens in the country side. We were going down this dirt road that seemingly lead to nowhere and then all of the sudden we are inside a gorgeous yellow roomed venue. It was very beautiful and a great location for a ball. 

We usually have a really fun time dancing all night at the military balls but this one didn't have a DJ. It was only the Navy Band and while they knew some good songs it wasn't as good as party music so we left a little while after the formal part of the ceremony was over but, of course, after we got some good and silly photos haha. 
love, Carlee

PS. My dress is from Ross. I got it back in the states for $40 when we were still in North Carolina. I figured that with us usually attending military balls every year that I would definitely wear it at some point. 
Dress: Ross
Shoes: DSW

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