Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Festa Americana!


I hope y'all are having a great long weekend. On Saturday, there was a festival put on by the military base at Carney Park in Naples, Italy. Carney Park is another place that the base rents out. It's a crater from an active volcano that is a giant recreational area now! We went and had a great time with our friends. There were carnival rides. Clark and I went on the ferris wheel and it was unlike any ferris wheel I have ever been on. It had a round base that you sat in that was connected by wires. We were careful not to rock it to much. Other than that it was fun. 

After that we laid out a blanket with our friends and listened to a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. There was a bunch of food and we had carne asada tacos and tostadas! Clark really wanted a funnel cake but the line was really long and he wasn't patient enough. 

The fireworks were amazing. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to go was because I just couldn't enjoy 4th of July weekend if there were no fireworks. The display was really good. I guess I could have enjoyed fireworks without going to this festival cause there are literally fireworks everyday that go off in our neighborhood here in Italy haha. 
love, Carlee
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