Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ravello, Italy

Another place we visited in Italy when my family was here at the end of June was Ravello, Italy. It was so gorgeous and a must visit if you are near Naples or the Amalfi Coast. Although I say that about every town we visit on the Amalfi Coast. This one is up on the hill over looking the sea. So if you want a beach day this town isn't for you. But if you want breathtaking views and gorgeous gardens then come to Ravello. You will love it.
We went to two beautiful villas and gardens, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Parking was a little difficult to find. But we found a spot a couple streets below Villa Rufolo and we parked on the street and found stairs up to the main town of Ravello which was a little bit of a walk but it was direct which was nice. We got some ice cream, water, and coffee from a little cafe and then went into Villa Rufolo. The cost was $7 per person to enter. The gardens were absolutely beautiful. There was a concert stage being set up so some of the gardens were blocked but we got to go up on the stage and get an even better view of the coast down below. We got to go inside the Villa Rufolo and and it was beautiful. Pink rooms and gorgeous glass chandelier.
After this villa we walked along the towns main road and went into some shops. I got the cutest glass lemon Ravello ornament. We were heading to Villa Cimbrone. We stopped to get some food at this restaurant overlooking the town. I thought the food seemed a little over priced but every thing on the amalfi coast seems that way. My little brother did say that he has the best meal of the whole trip at this restaurant so to him it was definitely worth it. But he was also not paying for it;) haha.
We then arrived at Villa Cimbrone and while it was at the other end of town and a little bit of a walk it was worth it. I really wanted to go and see the terrance of infinity. We walked through the gardens rather quickly because we wanted to get to the terrance and we were also kind of tired already. We came to the opening of the terrance and there is a statue covered by marble and you enter and walk out onto the terrance and it was beautiful. I loved al the marble head statues. Have you seen Wonder Woman? The gardens terrance of infinity is one of the location in the movie! We saw Wonder Woman just a week after visiting the gardens and I got super excited when I saw the location on screen. I might have squealed a little too loud in the theater. It was very cool!
love, Carlee
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