Saturday, July 15, 2017

Boating around the Island of Capri

Last summer our friends and I boated around the island of Ischia. I knew I wanted to do it again around Capri this summer. So when my family was in town I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go. We used the company Banana Sport Capri Boat and just called the day before to make sure they would have a boat for us. I think the total cost was about 200 euro for 4 hours. Which I thought was a reasonable price. We took the ferry from the main port in Naples to Marina Grande in Capri. The ferry to Capri is rather expensive, it is about $20 a person just one way. So going to Capri is a little expensive but totally worth it. Once we got to the marina we went directly to the right and saw the banana sport place. We filled out some paper work and then we went to get sandwiches and drinks to take on the boat with us.
We definitely like boating on the backside of the island better because it was less choppy. There was a little bit of wind the day before and it was lingering so the water was a little choppy on the side of the island with marina grande and the blue grotto. The blue grotto was closed but that was okay we weren't really planning on going anyway. The people that rented us the boat said that if the wait is only 10-15 minutes then it can be worth it but I guess sometimes the wait can be over an hour and the locals say it is not worth it. And it's also like $15 a person I think. Just go to inside a cave and come out. But maybe someday we will try and go see it though. Once we got around the lighthouse point the water was a lot calmer. So decided to anchor so we could eat and swim a little bit. We were having a hard time finding a good place at first but we finally did. It was next to the green grotto. So we stopped to eat and swim and it was a lot of fun. We swam into the green grotto and the boat company had snorkel masks we could rent so we did. My little brother and I had a lot of fun swimming around.
We continued around the island and stopped in a bunch of caves. We basically just followed the other boats with actual skippers that knew what they were doing. It was a good strategy.  We also saw natures arch and we got to drive our boat through Lovers Arch. The main arch you will see if you google Capri. When I say we drove through it, I mean Clark drove and I snapped photos and enjoyed the view. I really liked the landscape that Capri offers and it is so cool seeing it from the sea. The rocks and cliffs really seem to just shoot up out of the water in a lot of places. We also came across the back side of the island there we got a good view of Marina Piccalo (small marina.) I love all the colorful houses, not just here on Capri but everywhere in Italy. Makes me want to paint my house pink or orange someday.
When we got around the main side of the island. The side with Marina Grande and the side we started on. The water was so choppy and wavy. We were holding on so tight and laughing a lot. Although one time I was a little scared our stuff was gonna go over board but we made it safely.

The day was wonderful and I would definitely recommend Banana Sport if you want to do the boating by yourself around the island. I think it gives you a lot of freedom. Although it can be frustrating at times. Clark and I were getting frustrated trying to anchor at one point and we had boated and done all that stuff before so if you are inexperienced it might not be the best option but I know the company says that you don't need any experience so if you are confident give it a shot.
love, Carlee
Swim suit:  H&M

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