Monday, July 31, 2017

Gdańsk, Poland

We had the best time on vacation and are starting and stopping point was Gdansk, Poland. Clark got some time off in July and when we looked into where we wanted to go we were originally looking into doing a big road trip from Italy to Switzerland ( we totally still want to do that at some point) but I knew the alps would be a lot of hiking and my leg is not up for that yet. 
So I turned my attention elsewhere and I was just randomly searching flights on Google Flights and I came up with either Barcelona or Gdansk, Poland to go to. Both were super cheap  nonstop flights through RyanAir and since it's very warm in Italy in the summer we decided to go north to Poland to escape the heat for a week. The flights cost around $140 for both of us round trip. We stayed two nights in Gdansk at a really centrally located Airbnb it was in such a good location although not the comfiest apartment we have stayed in. But it was literally like 2 minutes from the Main Street. 
Our full day there we explored and just started out on foot wandering the streets. One of the good things about this trip was that I didn't have too many solid plans. We could just kinda go with the flow and if I was tired we could go back to the apartment. It wasn't tightly packed with activities like our vacations usually are. Though we did get to see and do a ton of cool stuff. 
We rode the ferris wheel which had a great view of the whole cities and especially old town. Although I someday hope to live in a world where the pretty views are never obstructed by construction cranes. We ate lunch at Original Burger which I highly recommend. It was fantastic. Then got some tradition polish soft serve ice cream. I love how different they do ice cream in every country/ region. This stuff was a lot thicker and more of a rich cream flavor then vanilla. You could also get swirl or chocolate. I tried the swirl (vanilla/chocolate) in the evening after dinner. 
We the headed out to Westerplatte which was about a 15 minute drive from downtown Gdansk. It was the place of an old military fortress and there is a giant monument erected. One of the things I loved the most was the old barracks they had been bomb or something of the like and the building was semi collapsed but we could walk through it and that was really neat. It was cloudy the full day we had in Gdansk but luckily it didn't rain at all except a tiny bit first thing in the morning when I had to go to the street and pay the meter for car parking. 
When we were pulling out of town the next day it was pure blue sky. That is why there isn't blue sky in any of the photos except the last one haha. We loved Gdansk. People thought it was a very random place to visit when we told them but it had lots of charm and was definitely a cute little historical city and also named one of the best European destinations of 2017! 
love, Carlee 
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