Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been slacking..

So spring break has come and gone and I have realized that I have been majorly slacking on my weight loss plan and goals. I have gained 4 pounds back! So those 6 pounds I lost before spring break is now down to two. Now I feel mad at myself for not sticking with it when I was home on spring break. There are just so many temptation when I go home to not eat like I should or exercise regularly. Here are my top temptation.

1. Mom's home cooking!
2. No time to exercise because I want to be spending it with my family and boyfriend.
3. Date nights with my boyfriend. (Yummy restaurants)
4. Snacks are readily available at my house.

Now that I have written these down I have realized they are all just excuses. And there is no place in my life for excuses. It is easy to slip up and then I feel guilty about it later on. I know that if I persist and stay on my Food and Fitness Planner from Web MD, I will be on the right track and start to see the results I want.  I just need to not go off the plan. It is ok to have a ice cream cone or a bag of buttery popcorn every now and again but when I was on spring break I wasn't eating the way I should have been. I was eating a lot of snacks and to much!

So I am headed off to the gym to get my head back in the exercising mode before classes start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What experience have you had with weight loss slip ups? How did you overcome them?

Carlee, All Things Average Girl

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