Friday, March 23, 2012

Food and Fitness Planner

Losing weight can be miserable!

I have always been an athlete I played basketball, soccer and I ran track in high school. So by the time that college came around I was ready to focus on my education and my future career and not sports. Well needless to say, I gained weight my first quarter of college because I wasn't exercising like I used to. I also could eat anything I wanted and the calories from college partying didn't help either. By the time that fall quarter was over I had gained 8 pounds. I know that is not that much but any girl will agree with me 8 pounds seems like 20. I knew I had to start exercising and eating healthier.

I started googling things like 'how to lose weight in college,' 'easy weight lose tips' etc. When I came across Web MD. Of course I had heard of Web MD before because whenever I had some sort of sickness and my mom wasn't around to help I would go to Web MD for what I should do. This time I was there for weight loss help. I found something called the Food and Fitness Planner. This is a free plan that helps you lose weight! I thought I might as well give it a try, so I did. 

First the planner asked me to fill out my profile. I answered questions about weight, height, activity level, age, gender. I made a weight goal for myself and how much weight I wanted to lose a week. The planner then calculates how many calories I should eat a day and how many calories I should burn in a week. Don't get the wrong idea. Losing weight is definitely not all about counting calories and I knew that. I needed to eat the right caloies. Things like beans, vegetables, fruit, cheese, meats. The planner helps you with this as well because you can track your fat intake, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium etc. so I could tell if the food I was eating was right for my body and weight lose goals. 

I have lost 6 pounds so far in 2 weeks and I am on track with my plan and goals. If you want to lose a few extra pounds or 20 pounds you should check this out! Keep in mind it might not be for everyone, but so far it is working for me.

I will keep you updated with my weight lose journey. I'll let you know all about my struggles and how I deal with temptations. Stay tuned.

Has anyone out there tried the Web MD Food and Fitness Planner? How did it go? What other methods of losing weight have you tried?

Carlee J 

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