Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Subway weakness

Subway temptation.

So we have all heard the slogan Subway, eat fresh. It is catchy and people have lost weight going on the Subway diet. So I had Subway today and I really enjoy me some Subway. I usually get a 6" turkey on wheat or honey oat bread and I get a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sunchips to go with my sandwich. Now that is all fine and danny until I get to the end of the line and there are the COOKIES! Has anyone had a subway cookie they are so good. My favorite is the Double Chocolate Chip cookie. I love it. Usually I restrain myself from getting one (or two). But today I didn't. I gave into my Subway temptation. And I don't think it was necessary a bad thing. I mean now my craving is gone and I can go about my day. I did sit down and enjoy every bite of the cookie to really get my calories worth. Sometimes it is worth and this time to me it was.

A great recourse for Subway is you can go to there website and check out how many calories everything has. You can even customize the sandwich exact how you have it and it will tell you the calories. It is super fun too!

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