Sunday, January 20, 2013

Books and grilled cheese

365 project. 14-20 This week was a pretty good one. I looked forward to the long weekend all week and this week was also filled with lots of girl time with my friends! It was a good one. 

14. A down shot of my favorite comfy shoes my moccasins. 

15. This is a confession of mine, I play Sudoku almost everyday. It is almost always in the paper at UW and so I try to solve them in between classes and such. I hardly ever finish because I forget about them and sometimes they are really hard.

16. My comfy bed area with my computer. 

17. I decorate my door for each holiday with color photos. So when the holiday is over I put them on this wall and now I have a wall filled with holiday color pages! 

18. My books for the quarter. Used books are cheaper!

19. Grilled Cheese. I think I had three grilled cheese sandwiches this week. They just sounded good all week. 

20. Another shoe shot. 

Happy Sunday.

love, Carlee


  1. I love your colouring pages. So cute!

    And, you can never eat too many grilled cheese sandwiches. In fact, I might just have one for dinner!!

  2. that grilled cheese looks so good!! comfort food for the win! :D

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  3. I love books and I love grilled cheese so obviously this post called to me haha! These photos were so fun :)


  4. Cute posts!!! Followed your blog btw! <3 Amazingggg.



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