Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long weekend home

As I mentioned I went home for the extra long weekend. My hometown is about 4 hours away from Seattle in North Central Washington so it is a little bit of a trek to get there. It is worth it though. I spent the weekend relaxing and watching movie with my little brother. We watched the new movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green, it is an odd movie but pretty good. We also watched Marley and Me which is a classic but it makes me cry every time. It is fun that my brother is only 11 years old it gives me an excuse to watch kid movies. Which are the best kind right?
I also made a few new recipes while I was at home which I will be sharing with you within the next week or so. My mom is on a kick of eating no white flour or white sugar. So I was challenged to make different recipes that called for stuff like bananas and honey instead of sugar and flour! Some of the stuff turned out awesome and some was a flop. Oh well. 
Another thing I was up to this weekend was getting supplies and researching more into starting my own Etsy greeting card business. This is one of my goals for 2013!! I have always been creative and loved making cards out of scrape booking material then I changed my ways and started doodling and designing cards on photoshop and sending them to my friends and family. I LOVE doing that and have been thinking for a while now to open my own shop. I just want to be prepared before I do anything. What do you guys think?
A long weekend means a short week so that is nice. I can't believe that we are already almost through January that is just crazy. February will be a good month though because my birthday is in February. (on the 12th!) Anyways have a wonderful week.
love, Carlee


  1. What a nice weekend you had.
    I also can't believe we're just about through with January. Time travels fast when having fun :)

  2. sounds like you are busy with lots of new goals! good on you :) and omg, marley and me makes me cry every time, too girl. ugh. but i love it.


  3. Nice blog you've got. Followed you on gfc. hope you do the same.



  4. Very nice post...I need to do more like these, just a recap of my week etc... lovely pictures. New follower here.


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