Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mustaches and giraffes

365. 21-27 January is almost over can you believe it! All I can say is wow this month went by super fast. I am not complaining though. This week was a busy one. Lots of homework due and studying for test. There has been a few days of sun throughout the week but of course today it is raining. :( 
These photos show my reading for the week. The weather. A sick roommate. Mustache socks that I got for Christmas from one of my friends. Homework. And isn't that giraffe umbrella just the cutest! It is one of my cluster mates! I like it so much. Our little purple Christmas tree is still up but it is purple and purple is one of our school colors so I think it is ok. I have been loving the 365 project so far. I have made it almost all the way through January! Happy Sunday. 
love, Carlee 


  1. Love those socks and the umbrella is so cute! I've been reading The Handmade Marketplace too.

  2. I love your socks and umbrella! <3

  3. Your moustache socks are the cutest! I also love that you had a purple tree this year :)

  4. love the photos & the socks are adorable!


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