Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Party

New Year Parties are just wonderful. Get dressed up and have fun with your friends. Drink sparkling cider and eat junk food while watching the ball drop. I like this outfit for a party because it isn't to dressy and not to casual. It also kept me warm with the pants and a jacket. Sometimes it is hard to dress for the 30 degree weather. A jacket is always a must. I also love the sequins detail on the top, actually this was a dress I wore as a top. It was just perfect for the occasion. 
Pants: Old Navy. Dress (as top): JCPenney. Shoes: Payless. Jacket: A&F. 
I will be spending tonight playing board games and poker, eating, and spending time with my friends and family. By the end of the night I will probably be in yoga pants, those will not be featured here on the blog. I hope everyone has a great new years eve and everyone has a great start to 2013. 
love, Carlee


  1. You look lovely. That dress makes for a cute top.

    Have fun tonight. Happy New Year!

  2. i'm in love with your shoes. must. find. haha! have a great time at your party :)


  3. you look awesome!
    ill be having a game night tonight too :)

  4. Happy New year! You look beautiful here :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog.
    Would you like to stay in touch following each other?
    let me know!


Thanks for the wonderful comment. I read and enjoy every single one. Have a question for me, I will reply as soon as I can. Love , Carlee