Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas keepsake ornaments DIY

I am here today just sharing the 3 keepsake ornaments I made this year for Christmas 2014. The first one I made was the wood transfer DIY ornament. I bought the wood slice from Michaels for $2.99 and I had everything else on hand. This wood transfer turned out a lot fainter than ones I have done in the past and I am not sure why. I still love it though and I hope it holds up over the years. I used this DIY from Jess for the wood transfer ornament. 

For the 2 clay ornaments I used this DIY that I did last year. Although you could just follow the directions on the back of the Sculpey box. One is the key for our first apartment and the other is Knox’s foot print (there are even a few little dog hairs stuck in the clay which I LOVE!). Both things I wanted to remember and I hope these ornaments last and last over the years and someday my grandchildren will be able to look at ornaments of Grandma and Grandpa’s first dog, 2nd christmas, and first apartment. Happy Holidays!
love, Carlee


  1. Cute! I love all of these. It is a great idea to do the photo transfer on the tiny wood round. I considered doing that too! I am not sure why it turned out so faint though... Did you apply a layer of mod podge? And if so, did you do it while it was still wet from peeling it (or get it wet again before you applied it) or did you apply the mod podge after it was dry? I have found that the key to setting the vibrancy is applying it while the wood is wet. Anyway, it is still lovely!

    I also bought some Sculpey clay the other day and am planning to make some ornaments that way too! I've never done anything with that clay before. Your ornaments from last year are super cute too!

    1. Hey I let the wood dry before I did the mod podge. But I did to other big wood transfers like yours last week for xmas gifts and they turned out great. Bright and clear and colorful. So I think I might have gotten a little too confident and either rubbed the paper to hard at first or I didn’t let the gel medium dry long enough... I don’t know. Since the wood only cost 1.99 I might try again.


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