Monday, December 1, 2014

365 project: November

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. While October was the month of my favorite holiday Halloween, we took a long weekend trip to Las Vegas with my family, we hit up the dog park almost every weekend and we spent a lot of relaxing time at home. November was the month of cold weather, red lipstick, Thanksgiving, New York City, and matching PJs.

One more month to go. I am really ready to be done with this project. I am getting burnt out over here but I am finishing strong because I know how cool it will be to look back on the year and have so many photos of Clark and I from all different events. And if I can make it through 11 months I sure as hell can make it through 1 more month! So cheers to December and almost being down with this project. The crazy thing is, this year seemed to fly by! So I am over here like let this year be over already when in reality it seemed to go so fast! Anyways this month we enjoyed a trip up the east coast to New York City, Thanksgiving, and enjoying some new experiences!
1. One of the first cold days we had in NC and I busted out my new hat. 
2. Tried red lips for the first time. Remember?
3. Goodnight world.
4. Off to somewhere (can’t remember)
5. Both wearing vans.
6. Dog park days
7. Sleeping sleeping
8. Central Park NYC
9. Subways riding!
10. Statue of Liberty.
11. Ferry ride and then headed home.
12. Home with a new painting from NYC in the background.
13. Clark is wearing my sweatshirt out in public even has the name Carlee on the back lol
14. DQ
15. Another dog park day
16. Outfit post in the leaves.
17. It’s cold so we wear North Face
18. “Look at the camera”
19. Snuggles on the couch
20. Car ride and red lips! (muahhhh)
21. Shooting
22. Matching PJs for the win!!
23. Cranky face
24. Photo time.
25. Time to wake up!
26. Family portrait.
27. Christmas tree farm!
28. Decorated our tree
29. Family photo for the Christmas card.
30. Night out for pizza. We were getting tired of leftover turkey!

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love, Carlee

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