Wednesday, December 31, 2014

365 project: December

For my 365 project this year my theme is: Clark and I or us. While November was the month of cold weather, red lipstick, Thanksgiving, New York City, and matching PJs. December was the month of short days, long walks, Christmas themed everything, getting the flu, and traveling home to Washington for the holidays. 

This is my last month of 365 project for 2014 and I can’t believe that I made it through the whole year! Sometimes it was rough to remember but most of the time it was fun to photograph I think it was because I picked a good subject ;) Next week I will be sharing my fav photos from my 2014: 365 project and some thoughts on my project this year. One thing I will say is I am glad that I stuck with in because when I hit July I was pretty burnt out but I pushed through the slump and finished and I am proud of myself for that reason alone. Clark and I are still in WA for a few more days so sorry for the lack of posting. I will be back next week with regular posting! See you soon. 

1. Making silly faces at Mellow Mushroom (see all those pizza pans on the ceiling)
2. Silly faces on the couch.
3. More couch time, watching Bob’s Burgers.
4. Knox, Mom, and Dad all chilling.
5. DQ just because
6. Blurry photo and husband that is singing.
7. Dog park day
8. Going out to eat with friends on a Monday
9. Walking in the afternoon when Clark got off work early.
10. Chilling on the couch... do we do anything else.
11. Comfy sweaters and Christmas movies.
12. Knox look at the camera.
13. Lets wear plaid and go on a date.
14. Taking photos in the car.
15. Knox what are you looking at.
16. The flash gets Knox every time.
17. We celebrated Christmas early. Opened presents and watched Elf
18. Holiday work party.
19. Just drinking out of the new mugs that Santa brought
20. Headed home....sick :(
21. Santa and Mrs. Claus cut outs
22. Sitting on Santa’s lap (my grandma)
23. Comfy hat
24. Christmas Eve at my mom’s house.
25. On Christmas day we wear navy.
26. Party clothes for a family get together.
27. Relaxing
28. Headed to the casino (won $55)
29. Family photo
30. Clark and Carlee wear red.
31. There was a photo but it didn’t fit perfectly #sorrynotsorry

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love, Carlee

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