Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wood bauble ornament DIY

This is actually a ornament that I DIYed last year and never shared. I only made one last year and since I still had left over supplies I decided to make another one this year and show y’all how I did it. My inspiration for this DIY was 100% this Etsy shop, her stuff is so RAD. Anyways I wanted to make some wood ornaments like this one.
You’ll need
- Real thin wood (I got mine from Michaels for $20
-Super Glue
-Gold hooks
So this DIY is actually pretty easy.
1. First I measured the wood so I could cut strips the same size. About an inch.
2. I crossed them all at the center and super glued them together and let it dry completely.
3. Then two at a time I brought the ended together forming a sphere and super glued them together.
4. Hold in your figured until the glue is dry and strong enough to hold on it’s own.
5. Do step 3 until all the pieces are glued together at the top and forming a ball.
6. It was actually really tricky to get the gold hook in the wood. So I screwed it in slighting and then super glued it in place. (Obviously not the most effective/classy way to do it) But it works for me.
7. Let everything dry completely.
8. Try a ribbon/sting to the hook and hang on your Christmas tree.
This is one of my favorite ornaments. I think I will try and get the gold hook into the ornament better and I think the ornaments would look a lot cooler with fishing line. But I didn’t have any so this will have to do for this year. I love DIY Christmas ornaments. If you need to fill your tree up with ornaments I think DIY is definitely the way to go. Since last year was the first time we had our own Christmas tree, I made a lot of the ornaments and they are back on the tree again this year. And I think they will be on my trees years and years to come.
love, Carlee

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