Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Snapshots

I love these holiday photos and I didn’t want the season to pass by without me sharing them and besides I didn’t have another post planned for today so here are some of my favorite snapshots from our Christmas so far, we are actually opening up our presents from each other tonight and Knox will get to open his presents. I hope to wear our matching pjs, drink cocoa, and eat holiday donuts. I might be sharing some photos from that later (we’ll see.) 

-Clark and I with Santa at Clark’s holiday work party. 
-Looks like Clark is trying to make up to santa for being naughty this year (don’t worry one of his friends was Santa)
-Finally some presents under the Christmas tree. 
-Clark doing work on our gingerbread house. Seriously he is so into it. And does a really good job. 
-The finished gingerbread house. 
-Our Christmas tree. I zoomed out while taking the photo (Saw it on iFunny)
- Knox with our Christmas tree is the background. 
-Knox’s silhouette with the Christmas tree lights. 
-And this evening and tomorrow will be the last days to buy from the shop before I put the shop on vacation for the rest of 2015. So if you want something now is the time to get it. Also use code HOLIDAYSEASON to get 20% off your purchase of $10. 

Aren’t the holiday great?!!? 
love, Carlee  

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