Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lazy Christmas

Yesterday was a great day. Clark got off work early about noon and then we took Knox to the dog park and in the afternoon went over to our friends house for some burgers, soda, and chips. We chatted and watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Since we were talking through a lot of it none of us really knew what was going on. But that was okay because it was nice to visit with our friends. We actually hadn’t seen them in a while. We saw them briefly at the holiday party the night before but before that we kept making plans and then things would happen like their daughter got sick or something would come up for us last minute. 
We thought that yesterday was Clark’s last day of work for the week and we were going to get a couple days to ourselves before we head back to WA for Christmas with our familes. But he learned today that he does have to go into work tomorrow. Thankfully I think they will both be half days. And while he is gone I will be busy getting last minute things done like getting the oil change, packaging up the last orders for the year, finishing packing for our trip, get Knox packed up to go to the vet, finish up a last minute gift that I am DIYing, have the Ashley’s Furniture guy come check our box springs for a defect, so yeah. I might be running around a bit today and Friday. But that’s okay because it makes the days fly buy.
I wore this outfit to hang out with our friends yesterday. It was a perfect lazy hanging with friends outfit and seemed just right with the Christmas colors. I actually don’t ever wear forest green and red (not a huge fan of the color combination in general) but around Christmas time I don’t mind it. It must be that holiday spirit that is getting to me. We also opening our Christmas presents from each other last night and it was so fun. We ate donuts and drank hot cocoa. Clark got me an awesome tank from Culture Flock with a sloth on it (perfect for me) and a new purse I have been wanting. I have had my current purse for like 2 years (I am a one purse kind of gal, but I finally have a new one.) I am sure you’ll be seeing my new one soon. I am excited to be home right at Christmas and celebrate a more tradition Christmas like when I was a kid. Obviously it’ll be a little different but still better than last year, it’s nice to be with family this time of year. 

Leggings & Bag: Target
Jacket: Marshalls
Shirt: American Eagle
Plaid Shirt: JCPennys
Socks: old
Boots: Famous Footwear (bearpaw)

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  1. Spending time with friends is something so special, isn't it? And by the way, your outfit is gorgeous! I specially love the forest green jacket and the purse, lovely. I hope you and Clark have a wonderful christmas with your families!
    With love,


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