Monday, May 18, 2015


On Friday, Clark got done with work super early because he won the PT contest for the day. He was pretty excited about it so we decided to go out for a celebratory lunch! We went to Carolina Ale House and I got the mini sliders while Clark got the fish tacos. They also make a mean root beer float which I didn’t  have this time but I have had it before. (On more than one occasion ;))
I got this dress at Target a while ago I thought it was really pretty and a fun dress for spring/summer. Clark said that the dress looked like a kaleidoscope and I was like it totally does! That was probably the inspiration haha. Also I wish I was better at doing my hair in different styles. I was a big tomboy growing up, played a lot of sports and I have 6 brothers and no sisters so it just wasn’t something I did. So over the next few mouths I hope to try out some new hair styles. One that are easy no muss no fuss types, I like this one . Happy Monday.
love, Carlee
Dress: Target
Cardigan: American Eagle
Sandals: Old Navy


  1. aw love this outfit! your hair is super pretty like this too, i keep watching hair tutorials on how to this style but it never works on my super thick hair! :)


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