Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Washington DC: day two

So on the second day in DC which was Saturday and our first full day there we hopped on the Metro first thing in the morning and made our way to the Capitol. We thought this would be the way to do it because that way we could make our way back toward the rest of the Mall and also our hotel. So we got off at the Capitol South station and checked our the Library of Congress first. The Library of Congress is so gorgeous! It’s amazing and definitely worth seeing. They also have the first ever found map of the world which I believe it from 1500s along with other artifacts from that time. After the Library we made our way over to the Capitol were we just hung out a bit before moving on to our next stop. We didn’t take a tour of the Capitol although I read you could.
Then we made our way down the hill to the Smithsonian National Botanic Gardens. It was something that I wanted to see because it was a little different then the normal sites. We were not disappointed it was awesome. And Clark loved the gardens. I thought it was pretty funny because of all the things I expected him to be excited about the gardens were very low on the list. But he really did love the Botanic Gardens. They had plants from all over, Jungle, Desert, Hawaii, they had all different fruit trees and the carnivorous plants as well.
After that we made our way to a Capitol Bikeshare rack were we got some bikes and rode over to the Air and Space Musuem. Unfortunately the line was SO LONG. Probably because it was midday on Saturday so we decided to save the Air and Space Museum for Sunday. We went to get some food from the food trucks lined up along the National Mall. We had Greek Food and then made our way to the National Archives were we got to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Both awesome documents and totally worth the visit although you can’t take photos which I didn’t mind.
After that we really wanted to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial so we grabbed some bikes and made our way that way. It was really a great memorial. Last time I went to DC, we didn’t go because we were all so tired of walking that it just seemed way to far. Seriously guys rent bikes it is so much easier and they are definitely worth the money. We walked about the memorial for a while, sat on the steps and then we continues around the lake while seeing the FDR Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Then we were back at the National Mall. From there we headed back to our hotel to rest of feet for a few then off to other adventure (more to come on another post;)) 
love, Carlee
Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: DIY
Bag: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx

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  1. Fantastic photos and very nice views!
    I like your floral shirt :)


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