Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Fever

Happy Wednesday. Lately the weather here in NC has been so hot and humid. The last 2 nights have been super stormy which means Knox ends up hiding in the closet while the thunder and lighting move closer outside. The past 2 nights the storms come and go fairly quickly and we are actually left with some of the best sunsets of the season which I can always appreciate. But I don’t appreciate the humidity :-/ 
I am currently reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I have a confession to make. I haven’t read anything by George Orwell, I know I know I think my high school failed me greatly. One of my friends was saying how 1984 was her favorite book and she just reread it and I admitted to never reading it or anything by George Orwell and she was like you have to. So since then I went to the library on Sunday they didn’t have 1984 in stock I opted for something of George Orwell and now I am reading Animal Farm. Speaking of reading, I finally updated my Books I’ve Read list for this year with a little summary about what I thought of each book and a really badly Photoshopped photo of all the books mashed together. Whatev. I think it’s going to be cool to see all the books I’ve read this year in a photo or two and it doesn’t matter to me that it doesn’t look perfect. 
Everything is pretty and green here. I guess I have to thank the humid and storms I knocked in the first paragraph for that. So a small thank you to them. But is really is so beauitful. There are wildflowers everywhere and baby geese following around their parents every time I take Knox of a walk. It really is the sweetest. I hope your day is going well! 
love, Carlee
Tank: Sugarlips c/o 
Shorts: DIY
Chambray top: Old Navy
Sandals: Macys

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