Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Sloth Shop: stuff, things, news + coupon

Hey I wanted to share a little bit about what I have been working on for the shop. Nothing super exciting but I realized that I don’t share LS shop updates often so I am here to tell you what I have been doing!

So first I designed 3 new animal mugs and a DONUT mug! I love them all so much. Clark actually did the original drawings on these three animals guys, he is super talented y’all. He said the octopus is his favorite mug out of all the mugs. We will see if his option is the popular option in the shop as well. My favorite out of these is the Donut duh.
I had a huge mug order for over 50 mugs. It was for the goat mug and the customer wanted their play logo on the back which is The Sound of Music. So I got to make 50 mugs for the actors/actress in a Sound of Music production in Ontario Canada. I finished last week and they safely arrived to their destination, which I am super thankful for. I was a tad worried.

The goat mug has actually been super popular which I think it so funny because I wasn’t even planning on doing a goat mug and my mom request it to give to her sister for her bday. So Clark drew up a sketch and he was like goats are so ugly but it’s actually pretty popular in the shop. So Thanks Mom and Aunt Joanette for loving goats.
I have also been working on lots of new cards. I am even designing my first couple full color cards. One of a Christmas one and one is for Vday (2016!) but I am excited to see how they turn out. And I am hoping to add more full color cards to be collection over the next couple of months.

Did you guys to something special for your moms for Mother's Day. I am always suprised to see what card for the holiday is most popular. Two years in a row (2013, 2014) this Mom Youre a Badass card was my most popular mothers day card but this year, to my suprise, this new mom card was my best seller(below). I was happy to see that adding this card to my collection this year was a great choice. I guess there needs to be more funny first mothers day cards. I will remember that for next year haha.

For Father’s Day I got super into lime green. I ordered some lime green envelopes and have been adding the color to some cards here and there. I am loving it and I hope y’all do too. I also made a new graph card. This graph card was very popular last year so when I thought of an idea for a new one I know I had to design it and give it a try.

Want a card for Father’s Day? It’s going to come faster than you think! Use coupon code: DADSDAY20 to get 20% off your total purchase in my shop! And you don’t have to buy something for Dad, buy whatever tickles your fancy. (Where did that express come from) haha 

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  1. Those are some awesome mugs! I especially like the donut mug, but the mugs with prints of animals drinking in a cup are funny and cool as well. Also, it’s good to see that the goat mugs actually sold well in your store, and because of that it attracted the attention of someone who is from a play of The Sound of Music. It must have been quite hectic when you made those goat mugs, but I think all that hard work really paid off. Thanks for sharing an update in your shop!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest


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