Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Climbing Place

The Climbing Place is a rock climbing center located in downtown Fayetteville, NC. Clark and I went on Saturday with some of our friends, it was our first time there and we loved it. It was $13 a piece for us to free climb which was for the whole day. You can also belay but you have to take a quick class that they ofter so we just chose to free climb. 
I am always such a baby when it comes to rock climbing. I am not afraid of heights at all but I am afraid of falling to my death and also my hands get SUPER sweating when I get nervous. Is that too much information? Haha. It was fun though Clark was loving it. Like usual he is a like a kid in a candy store when it comes to thing like this. I actually had a ton of fun slacklining. I was the only one in our group that tried it and I did have to use Clark for balance at first. But it was pretty fun. 
 After we climbed for a while and got a good work out. We decided that it was time for food so we stayed downtown and got some food at the Wing Company and after that we got cupcakes at The Sweet Palette. Then we decided that it would be fun to climb some more, and I like I said your ticket is for the whole day so we went back no problem. We had a great time! Also I got to mention that for a Saturday it wasn’t so busy but that might be due to the fact that it was storming outside and people probably stayed in.
Happy Wednesday!
love, Carlee 

Location: 436 W Russell St, Fayetteville, NC 28301

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