Tuesday, May 5, 2015

North Carolina Zoo

Over the weekend we went to the North Carolina Zoo for the first time. Our friends, who have been before, kept saying that it was really cool and this weekend the weather was perfect so we headed that way and let me tell you the zoo is super cool! Especially the Africa side. There are two sections to the zoo the North America side and the Africa side. We got there around 10am and parked at the Africa section, it wasn’t too busy as first. I mean it is what I expected for a Saturday at the zoo.
We made the big loop around the Africa section. My favorite was the feeding of the giraffes! If you paid $2 extra dollars you get a couple pieces of lettuce and you get the feed the giraffes! They come right up to the observation deck, it’s so awesome! I also really liked the elephants! Clark was really disappointed that the gorillas were gone until summer 2015 so we got him a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and he felt better. haha It seems like with guys any bad mood can be cured with snack food. 
Around noon we finished the Africa loop and instead of taking the tram to the North Carolina side we decided to leave the park and drive to the North America entrance because you can exit and he enter anytime during the day with your ticket. On the way out of the Africa gate the line was SO SO long. Like it would have taken most people 30 minutes just to get to the gate. So we were a little nervous that the NA line would be long too but there was almost no one at the North America side and we found parking super close to the gate. It was awesome. We ate lunch at the Wilderness Cafe right side in the NA gate. Then we saw the alligators, turtles, and cougars. And then the seals and puffins. We were hoping to see Anna the polar bear but she wasn’t out when we were there.

After that, we decided that we had already seen bears and deer in real life so we didn’t want to walk the entire North American loop. But it was a really good time. The park was so green and well kept. All the animals seemed to have plenty of room to roam that was nice to see. We had a great time.
love, Carlee
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