Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? : Mindy Kaling

Second book of 2016 and I finished in just under the wire so I can say I read 2 books in January. I know I know not really an accomplishment. So I actually got this book and Mindy Kaling new book for Christmas from my brother because I had never read them and I love her and for some reason my library doesn't carry any of her books. BOOOOO. I wanted to start with this one for obviously reasons because it was the first one she wrote and I loved the book.

This is a memoir book with short stories about her life and happenings. I really enjoy a good memoir book! It was a quick and easy read and she is a really great writer. I loved when she talked about the Office because I love the Office! I also really liked hearing some of her back story because even though I really like her I didn't really know how she got her start so that was cool. My favorite stories were the one about marriage titled: Married People Need to Step it Up. And my other favorite story was When You're Not Skinny This is What People Want You to Wear. Loved these the most because I loved her take on both the subjects and I can relate to these a lot because 1. I am married and 2. I am not skinny is the model sense like she is talking about. So these really made me laugh. I love reading books like this because I end up Googleing a ton of stuff about the persona and learning even more. Some of my Google searches were:

"Mindy Kaling Brenda"

"Mindy Kaling Rainn Wilson frenemies"

"Mindy Kaling BJ Novak"

"Mindy Kaling birth name"

"What episodes of the Office did Mindy Kaling write"

Then I watched about every Youtube video of her on talkshows I could find. Good stuff.

I can't wait to read her new book Why Not Me? But I think I am going to read something in between. I was checking my local library last night and everything I wanted to read was either checkout or on the holds shelf for someone else. Gahhh But at least after I finished these books my library will now have both Mindy Kaling books because I am going to donate them to the library at least that is my tentative plan.
love, Carlee

Also favorite quote by her so far:


  1. Out of both books this was my favorite one.
    I'm glad ya liked it!

  2. Love Mindy Kaling! Both her books are great! You'll like the second one too :)


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