Sunday, January 3, 2016

The rearview: 2015

1. I bought a new printer and mug press so I could start designing and selling mugs in my shop. I was SO EXCITED the first time I printed and used the heat press all my myself and it worked.

2. Little Sloth, the shop, celebrated it's 2nd bday.

3. We got new box springs for our bed which has made sleeping that much more enjoyable.
1. I celebrated my 23rd birthday.

2. I started doing paint-by-numbers which has now turned into a big hobby of mine.

3. We had a MAJOR ice storm in NC where everything was covered in an inch of ice from freezing rain the night before.

4. Lots of game nights with our friends.

5. We got snow and Clark went to Alabama for training.
1. I traveled back to Washington State to visit my family.

2. My Grandma Margaret passed away. It was really heartbreaking but I am so thankful that I got to be with her on her last few days and say goodbye.

3. I helped my mom set up a vintage Etsy shop.

4. Some of my family and I spent some time at our cabin at the lake. (The lake was even frozen solid so we could ice skate on it. )
1. Spent Easter with our good friends.

2. My brother's girlfriend came down to Raleigh and I visited with her and Clark left for training in Florida.

3. I went to the beach with friends.

4. Clark reenlisted in the military for 4 more years. 

5. We went to the NC zoo and fed giraffes and it was awesome.

1. Spent some time at the pool for the first time in 2015.

2. Took a trip to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day weekend. 
- Ate the best donuts at the Smithsonian zoo
- Biked everywhere using Capitol Bikeshare
- Ford's Theater
- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
1. Enjoyed gelato and donuts and spending lots of time with the Gonzos.

2. Had a company work picnic at Raven Rock State Park.

3. Clark and I went to Kure Beach, NC.

4. Got my passport updated with my current last name.
1. Celebrated our 2nd anniversary of marriage in Durham watching the Bulls play and also celebrated the 4th of July.

2. Clark left for training in California and I started Whole30.

3. Lots of trips to the dog park and I started making these felt Christmas ornaments.
1. Knox celebrated his 2nd birthday.

2. I finished my first Whole30 and lost 9lbs.

3. We said goodbye to our best friends that moved to Colorado :( so bittersweet. But happy for them that they are doing well and loving Colorado. May our paths definitely cross again someday!

4. We took a vacation to St. Croix in the Caribbean. 

5. Clark and I started another Whole30.

6. Got to watch Clark do a water jump at White Lake.
1. Started playing fantasy football with my family. (I had the most clever names and I ended up winning the whole thing and $50!)

2. Knox started losing weigh for Italy.

3. Went to our second military ball. 

4. Celebrated Clark's birthday.

1. I visited a friend that I met at UW in Seattle that is currently attending UNC. I hope to visit her more this year!

2. Picked pumpkins, went to the state fair.

3. Got BANGS!

4. Made DIY Halloween costumes again this year. We won 1st at Clark's work and also at our apartment complex.

5. Clark graduated WLC and we threw a Halloween party with our friends.
1. Clark sister came to visit for a week!

2. We took family photos and went to the beach and toured a new lighthouse.

3. We visited Charlotte NC where we went to a Carolina Panthers game, Ikea, and just explored the city for the first time.

4. Had Thanksgiving with our friends, then bought a Christmas tree the next day.
1. Set up our Christmas tree

2. Took Knox to get photos taken with Santa (!!!&*@$*@^*$^*!%^$   =   my favorite)

3. Celebrated Christmas with our little family in NC.

4. Went home to Washington for 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas with them.
- Saw all our family and friends
-Spent way to much in the snow
-Went ice skating
-Made Christmas candy with my mom
It was a really good year. We did lots of fun things and took some major steps in our lives. It was awesome. We were happy and healthy and I wish for that again in the New Year. I will be back to regularly posting this week which will include some photos from Washington State, Christmas, and a couple more look backs on 2015. My favorite things and/or the biggest milestones we had in 2015 I bolded above. 

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