Monday, January 11, 2016

Snow angel

These photos were taken in Washington State. They are actually the only outfit photos I took while we were in Washington for 2 weeks over Christmas. I have lots of photos from Washington that I will hopefully get up on the blog soon and I will talk more about our time there then.
I wore lots of comfy clothes while home and lots and lots of layers. It was so cold at some points. I think one day it was a high of 18 degrees and got down to 5 degrees at night. It was cold but I expected it because it is cold in eastern Washington in the winter. And there was SO much snow which I was happy about because the snow is so pretty. Although on Christmas Eve it was bad that it was snowing so heavy because it took my brother 8 hours to make it over the pass from Seattle to eastern WA then it should only take 3 hours. He made it safely and it was just a bit late haha. 
I actually had an appointment to get my bangs cut about a week before we were going home but the hair dresser that I like called and canceled because she was sick. I didn't want to just go to anyone so I decided to take makers into my own hands and Google some Youtube videos about trimming your own bands. I think I did a pretty decent job which is all I really wanted. So that was good. 

I think maybe at this point I might grow them out. Idk. I like them and everyone liked them and Clark says I should keep them forever haha. And they aren't hard to style when I do, do my hair so that's good. I guess it's just that if I am gonna grow them out now is the time to do it. One thing is that I am nervous to have bangs during the summer here in North Carolina. It is so humid, I don't even like styling my hair, let along bangs. And another thing is that, January is pretty chill month for us so I am not having to go out and do much. It's easy to just through on a beanie hat and conceal my hair. Idk. We will see, I am not making a hair appointment to get my bangs cut. I am not ruling it out but for now I am not. Okay lots of rambling about my bangs. That's it. haha
love, Carlee

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