Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ocean Isle Beach

After Myrtle Beach we headed up the coast to Wilmington NC. I wanted to show them Wilmington because it is very different from Myrtle Beach. While on the way up my stepmom wanted to stop and see a beach top. We picked Ocean Isle Beach because I had never been either. Since it was mid January everything was mostly closed. But the beach was amazing! It always is. There were lots more seashells in Ocean Isle Beach because there are less people than in Myrtle Beach. We had a good time walking along the beach and shelling while my little brother tried to outrun the tide. Haha
The weather was also amazing. It was sunny and around 50 degrees which was nice because the 3 previous days were around 30 degrees so it had been cold. I think my family brought the cold and snow with them from Washington State haha. After we strolled along the beach for a while we drove down 1st street (which is the main road along the ocean.) We did this mostly because my Dad wanted to look at the homes and see if any were for sale and how much they sell for. He is a contractor and builds homes so he is always interested in the price of homes in different areas of the country. North Caorlina is rather inexpensive compared to Washington State. He kept saying to my stepmom "we should retire here." haha
Like I said above the shelling was great and my stepmom even found a full sand dollar which was awesome because I had never found a sand dollar on the East Coast. I mean I technically didn't find this one either but I had never even seen one. So win. It was a beautiful day and going to the beach is one of my favorite things ever. 
love, Carlee

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