Monday, April 4, 2016

Air and Space Museum / Chantilly VA

While we were in DC we knew we wanted to go to the Steven F. Udvar Hazy - Air and Space Museum in Chantilly VA near the Washington/Dulles Airport. It is a Smithsoneum Museum so it is free to get into but parking is $15 but it is totally worth it. Last time we went to Washington D.C. we went to the Air and Space Museum at the National Mall and we saw a layout for this museum and Clark saw that it has the SR-71 Blackbird. The fastest jet or plane ever. We really wanted to go but it was closed by the time we realized last time. So this time we knew that we had to go. We ended up going on our way out of town. It is about 20-30 minutes from downtown DC so it is a little bit of a drive. But totally worth it.
The museum is basically just two giant airplane hangers and there is also a observation tower that you can do up into and watch the planes take off from the IAD airport. There is also a gift shop and a McDonalds and simulation rides. So the blackbird was awesome and it was so big and arrow dynamic and crazy! We also got to see the space shuttle Discovery which is the space shuttle that has orbited the earth the most out of any space shuttles and it can hold a crew of 150 people. I really liked some of the super small planes. There was the smallest plane there built in the 1980s just a one man plane. And even a hot air balloon vessel. Way more intricate then just the basket that I image with hot air balloons.
There was a commercial airlines section and a military planes section. It was cool because there was planes wired to the roof so it looked like planes were just all over throughout the "sky." I thought it was really nicely set up and there was 2 levels so you could see the planes from all different angels and heights. We were going to go up to the observation tower before we left but the line was really long and we decided that we already saw the coolest stuff the museum had to offer. This is such a cool museum and very worth the extra effort it takes to get to it. 
love, Carlee
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