Monday, April 25, 2016

Strawberry picking

Hey all, how is your Monday going? We went strawberry picking over the weekend to Douglas Strawberry Patch. I was actually driving up to Pittsboro NC so drop off a mug wholesale order to a shop there and on the way back I went back Gross Farms that has strawberries (and we go pumpkin pitching there each year) but a couple miles past I saw Douglas Strawberry Patch and it was small and cute and I looked them up online and the price was $9 per gallon to pick your own strawberries which was better than Gross Farms. Besides I wanted to go some place different.
There was a few other families there but it wasn't to busy. And it was the perfect timing to go because there was so many strawberries that were ripe and we didn't even have to look far to find the biggest juiciest strawberries! I was trying to pick strawberries of all sizes but Clark only wanted the biggest and best strawberries! On Saturday evening we went over to our friend house and brought some of the strawberries with us and they thought they were so good as well. 
This is actually my first time ever strawberry picking. I wanted to do it last year but by the time I looked into it it was the end of the season and we didn't really have strawberry farms in eastern Washington state were I grew up. I am glad I wore my boots and convinced Clark to wear his old shoes because it was a little muddy. I figured it would be since the day before it rained off and on. I can't wait to finish eating all the delicious strawberries in our fridge! 
love, Carlee
Shorts: Target
Boots & Tank: American Eagle
Shirt: Forever 21
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx 

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