Monday, April 11, 2016

Bridesmaid Lotto : Rachel Astor

Okay so this is the first book I have read on an electric device. I once tried to use my stepmom kindle to read a book but gave up after 2 pages. What happened was I was reading another book from the library called The Big Sleep and I was about half way through it and I didn't like it at all and it was
boring. But I was just going to finish but then I thought why in the heck would I finish this book that sucks and that I don't enjoying reading at all! I have been in sort of a book slump. But me finishing this lame ass book was not going to help and every night I was not excited to lay down and read before bed. It left like more of a chore.

Which led me to complaining about not having a book to read one night when I finally put down The Big Sleep and decided I wasn't going to finish and Clark said why don't you look for a book on your phone. Of course, I was being a little snobby and was like I don't read ebooks I only read hard copy books. (jaaaaaa I'm a loser.) But I started browsing on my phone and filtered the sections to free so that way I didn't have to pay for a book that I wanted to read. Besides I didn't even know if I would like reading on my phone. I landing on Bridesmaid Lotto because it was one of the best sellers in the romanic free books and it had pretty cover art and I liked the description. I downloaded it and dove it. I will admit that I was a little overwhelmed with the bottom of the phone saying 1 of 653 pages. But it goes by so fast on a little phone screen device.

Anyways, this was a super fast read. A real guilty pleasure book just like pretty predictable but nice and light hearted which was good. Especially for my first ebook read, I didn't need something too intense. I liked the concept of this book as well. Picking random bridesmaids haha but its more about one of the bridesmaid falling in love with one of the groomsman that is a famous actor (and no I didn't really give anything away.) The book ended pretty good but it definitely left a lot of stuff unanswered and thats when I learned that there are actually 2 more books in the series and they cost $2.99 each on ebook. Its actually a pretty smart strategy if your going to self publish get people hooked and then make them want to buy your other books. I didn't purchase the next one but I might in the future just to see what happens with the leading lady.

If I need another fun easy quick read in the future (which I am 100% positive I will.) I will mostly likely purchase the next ebook. It was a cute story. It should be noted that there were a few typos that even I noticed. The first one that majorly stuck out to me was she spelled Katy Perry - Katie Perry . I had to google it because instantly I was like that is not how you spell Katy Perry haha. But I am not a book critic and like I said I wasn't reading this book for deep literature substance. I would probably give this book a 4 out of 5. I enjoyed it.
love, Carlee

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