Friday, April 22, 2016

Heel love

I wore this outfit to the movies last Sunday. Clark and I went and saw The Boss with Melissa McCarty who is hilarious. We both found the movie somewhat funny but it wasn't my favorite of hers but thats okay. We had a great time and ate tons of popcorn. Clark actually finished a Whole30 on Friday and he started another one of Monday so we had a weekend of eating out. We had pizza, Mexican food, movie theater snacks and more pizza. I am not doing Whole30 again because I find myself binging on food worse when it is done and that is not a healthy relationship with food so I just eat in moderation regularly. Clark on the other hand seems to need strict guidelines for eating clean so it really works for him which is great. I have been making awesome Whole30 dinners every night and packing a homemade lunch for him.
So like I said, we went to the movies on Sunday. We went to the matinee and were gone about 2 hours. When we got back Knox has thrown up on the floor in our apartment in multiple spots. He had gotten really sick. We cleaned up and gave him lots of loves. He has felt better everyday since and he was seemly back to his old self by Wednesday (he wasn't really acting much different at all anyways) but he was still having mild diarrhea so we took him to the vet to get some medicine. I knew you wanted to read about my dogs bowels today! haha. I hope is 100% back to normal in the next couple days!
I am wearing these heels again! Which I love and like I said, I only own two pairs but I am gonna get so much use out of them! Also I didn't even realize how long my hair has gotten until looking at these photos! Happy Friday y'all!
love, Carlee 

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