Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Spring in North Carolina is wonderful. I would probably be singing a different tune if I was allergic to pollen but I am not. There are blooming flowers and trees everywhere and giant azalea bushes around every corner! I honestly just can't get enough of all the pretty flowers. It seems just last week everything was brown and just barely starting to bud but now everything is in full bloom and I look around and the trees have new green leaves on them and the grass is coming out of dormancy! What a great time to be alive!
We are coming up on week 3 of obedience class with Knox! It is everything Thursday and this Thursday will be the 3rd week so we have only had 2 other lessons but every time I go I am so worried that Knox is going to fall behind. But turns out Knox is super smart. I have always thought so but I just kind of thought that as a parent thinking their kid is amazing but the obedience teacher said he is very smart and a super teachable dog which makes me happy. It also gives me hope that I will be able to break the habit of him eating random stuff  (read: goose poop) off the road when we go for a walk. One of my least favorite things that he does. So gross.
Notice anything different about this outfit? I am hearing heels! Which is a big deal because I never wear heels I only own 2 pairs (1 before I bought these over the weekend.) I used to wear heels in high school sometimes when we had to dress up for a presentation or other things but lets be honestly heels aren't very comfortable usually and also I noticed one of my good friends loved wearing heels but she looked so uncomfortable walking in them and I was always worried I looked like that. Like people could tell  I was a noob high heel walker haha. Also I am 5'9" so I don't really need heels and Clark is only 5'11" so I will wear them and be taller. But I wanted to try my hand at heels again. But I must be able to walk in them confidently and they must be comfortable! And these were both. I think they are so cute! I think Clark and I might be going on a date night this weekend and I am totally going to wear them again. I am probably going to use any excuse I can to wear them haha.

Heels & Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Dress: American Eagle
Jacket: Target

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