Thursday, April 21, 2016

Year of Yes: Shonda Rhimes

This book as been on my 'want to read' list for a little while. After reading Big Magic I was looking into books that were inspirational and I came across this one and it had really good reviews. It finally became available at my library so I picked it up. Shonda Rhimes for those that don't know is a TV
writer and producer. She founded and writes Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and produced How To Get Away With Murder. She basically owns Thursday nights on ABC. I have seen bits and pieces of the shows above but I have never really gotten into any of the shows. I might need to now though. So I actually wasn't super familiar with Shonda Rhimes before reading this book.

So this book is basically about how Shonda kept saying no to amazing opportunities because she was scared or nervous and didn't want to go out of her comfort zone. Her big sister said one Thanksgiving "You never say yes to anything." and it kind of stuck with her and he realized her sister was right and that she was going through life kind of numb and missing opportunities.

That was a little hard to get my head around because I was like you are a writer and founder and producer of major TV shows and you have 3 children you are obviously living life. But then I also realized that she got comfortable in the life that she knew and wasn't taking on anymore opportunities or responsibilities than necessary. She wasn't to stay in her comfort zone which is totally understandable. I think a lot of us do. I am really into reading these inspirational books because for some reason this stage in my life I need inspiration. Obviously I am not staying in my comfort zone, I am moving to Italy in a couple months which is way outside my comfort zone. I think maybe that is why I have need more inspirational reads and feel good books because I like reading about people who when through stages of uncomfortable and tough times. Not that I am having a tough time I am just a little more uncomfortable then usually. But this book has inspired me not to say no to opportunities and responsibilities in the next couples months just because the future is making me nervous. 90% super excited and 10% nervous. But it seems the 10% always takes over my brain and likes to take charge.  I don't want to wall up in a little hole and not do anything. Although, in another since that is exactly what I want to do. So yes, feel good inspirational books are my jam right now. Send recommendations.
love, Carlee 

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