Monday, October 17, 2016

Carving pumpkins

We carved pumpkins yesterday! Halloween is not really a big deal here in Italy. They don't have all the decoration and pumpkins on display like in the USA. But the grocery store on base does ship in some pumpkins for Halloween which I am very appreciative of because it is my favorite holiday. While it definitely doesn't feel the same here in fall as it does in America. It is still pretty fun! So we carved up our pumpkins yesterday because even though we are adults with no children we love to keep the traditions alive. And here are a few photos from that.

Also 4 years of Knox watching Clark carve pumpkins. I just happen to take a photo the first 2 years and then last year I knew I had to do it again and of course this year. This is a wonderful tradition.
Also, it should be noted I do have a couple more posts from our ireland trip. Honestly when we were on the last couple days of our trip, I broken down my posts into 7 posts and thought "I am going to get these all posted the first 7 days of October." Well we are over halfway and it hasn't happened yet. But hopefully this week. I took A LOT of photos and it takes a while to get through them all as well as retell the stories of our days etc. And honestly sometimes I just not that motivated to write certain posts. But they are coming!
love, Carlee

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