Friday, October 21, 2016

Grape stomping

This outing is from September 3rd! Ahhhhh so long ago. - We did another USO tour which is a company on base that does tours and stuff around the area and we first did the Amalfi Coast tour with them. This one was for grape stomping, grapes harvesting, and wine tasting and included lunch at this really cute little vineyard at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. There was three dates for the grape stomping on the one we went to was on September 3 and the ones later in September were adults only which I would definitely recommend doing that adults only. We were on one with kids which is fine but there was way more kids than I expected but we couldn't do one at the end of September because we are going to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was still a lot of fun and we got a grape stomp and we did white grapes because the guy said that if we did purple grapes that are feet would be blue which I was kind of disappointed I was like I want my feet to turn blue haha. But they don't not make wine that way anymore it's more for like a fun tradition for nostalgia and it was a really good time and that's how people originally did it .
This venue does make their own wine and you can only get it at their Vineyard so it's very cool it's very exclusive a lot of people we know that are in Italy and some of her friends are actually collecting wine to take back to the states with them when they go home. So we were like they would totally love this place you can only get this Italian wine at this place it's like so exclusive. Lunch was also amazing, they brought us tons of wine to taste and kept filling up our glasses. Not going to lie we were a little tipsy by the time we were done. We had great cheese, bread, pasta, and also a really yummy 'cheesecake' type dessert that I guess is traditionally made at Easter but now in Naples they make it year round because so many folks like it. We love Italy! 
love, Carlee

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