Sunday, October 30, 2016

Forrest Gump, Bank Robber, and a Beanie Baby

Hey all! My favorite holiday is Halloween. I just love it. Since we just got to Naples, Italy a few months ago we don't know lots of people so I was worried that our Halloween would be fairly low key. I basically just want any excuse to dress up in costume and be festive on holidays. There was a trunk or treat placed which is the first costume I came up with, which I will be sharing tomorrow. And then on Wednesday, Clark said there was a family fun run that we could dress up for and bring Knox. Clark had to go so I was like this is perfect. So I scrambled  a little bit and came up with these costumes which turned out wonderful! I just couldn't help but do Knox as a beanie baby. I am sure you have seen that super cute dog as one floating around Pinterest. Also Clark won a 4 day weekend pass because of our costumes. That means he gets Friday and Monday off when we decides to cash it in and we can go travel somewhere! Definitely worth it! 
Forrest Gump running version
-We had the beard from last year from Clark's Castaway costume. (bought on Amazon)
-We had the hat from Clark's Forrest Gump costume last year. (bought on Amazon)
-Clark already had the shoes and white socks
-Had the red soccer shorts
-Bought the yellow polo from the NEX for $11

Bank Robber
-Leggings, tennis shoes, and shirt I had.
-Clark's black had and gloves
-Bought the mask for 1 euro
-We had the Nike bag, I just flipped it around and printed a $ sign and taped it on the bag.

Beanie Baby
-Cardboard heart (we still have a bunch of cardboard boxes from our move so I used those to cut a heart)
-T Y. I found the correct font online and printed the letters out at home.
-Red paint I already had.
-Used doubled sided tape to tape on the letters.
-I used a zip tie to secure it to Knox's collar.

These costumes all combined cost $12. I only bought the yellow polo and the mask. I kept the mask and put it in my Halloween bin, I am sure I will get more use out of it with a costume in the future. And Clark actually likes the yellow polo and it going to keep it to wear. So a win win win and didn't waste any money. I like when costumes are cheap, creative, obvious, and fun! 

I have another family costume I will be sharing tomorrow! 
love, Carlee

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