Friday, October 14, 2016

Cliffs of Moher

So you can't go to Ireland without seeing the Cliffs of Moher obviously. Another iconic Ireland location as well as film location for some iconic movies like the princess bride and one of the Harry Potter's. It is honestly so gorgeous, we got there right when they open at 9 o'clock, we parked we pay for parking and we actually skip the visitor center at first and went straight to the cliffs. It was sprinkling a little bit when we got there but luckily it stopped and the sun actually came out and there was a few rainbows which we were 100% sure had pot of gold at the end of them. We walked to the castle and then we walked almost the length of the cliffs in the other direction and the actual Cliffs of Moher. I mean the cliffs don't stop but we're like the visitor center has control over it stops and it is clearly marked and it says proceed with caution at your own risk. So we did and it's pretty good fence lines and rock line to stay behind it was very muddy because it had rained a few days before the night before so we were very careful about staying on the other side of rocks however I did want to get some good pictures I was trying to like sneak my way from behind the line but Clark was sure that I didn't because he obviously wants me to be safe.
We did get some really really good photos and explore the cliffs. We didn't have any frightening experience like almost falling over or slipping in the mud. We were very careful though we knew that it was very slippery and we know that people have died there. So we were extra cautions. If you're really careful there should be no problem and wear the right shoes. Once we were done walking the cliff line we were walking back toward the visitor center and we stop in the visitor center for a while and looked around and when we were in the visitor center there was like a complete downpour. For some reason instead of waiting it out, maybe it'll just be a five minutes we were like we will just run to the car. Needless to say we got soaking wet and it took about two hours for our pants to fully dry it was kind of miserable. See it's not all sunshine and rainbows, pun intended. haha
One thing I loved about Cliffs of Moher is that it was superclean there was no garbage on any of the pathways you can tell that they're keeping it clean and updated the visitor center super nice.  I have definitely learned to appreciate that more since living in Naples where things are a little dirtier and there's quite a bit of garbage on the side roads etc. So I really appreciate it when we go to places and stuff is clean and you know that your money is going toward keeping these monuments and these national parks pristine.

I did want to mention that we did rent a car and while it is a bit of a chunk of change especially in Ireland they make you get the renters insurance which is understandable the roads are narrow. But I would rather have our own transportation and do things on her own pace then do the tour buses when you're with a lot of people and you're there for a certain time and you have to make sure you're back at the bus. Obviously those tours are amazing and if you don't have any other options than 100% do them but I really liked having the option of stopping and explore and eat where we wanted. We do like a good rental car. I can't wait until I turn 25 and don't have to pay the underage fee.
love, Carlee
Jacket: North Face
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike

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