Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dingle, Ireland

I really really loved our experience in the Dingel Peninsula. We knew we wanted to do some of South Ireland but we didn't have enough time to do the Ring of Kerry so we were like let's do a different place and one of the guide books I read it was I don't miss the Dingel Peninsula. We read about Connors pass and fungie the dolphin and the really good homemade ice cream and I even found the cutest Airbnb that is a sheep farm and the lady was so nice.  And I think that is why I really loved the little town of Dingle and the Dingel Peninsula is because it was so unexpectedly cute and charming and we had really good weather when we were there.
We knew we wanted to do Conor's Pass on the Dingle Peninsula. It is the tallest mountain pass in Ireland and so we thought it would be a strain on our little rental car but it wasn't so bad. But the views from the top were very pretty and we stopped at the waterfall and hiked up to the lake that was fed by a glacier. Worth it and gorgeous. For a little bit of the pass, it is just a one lane road so we careful with that.
Prehistoric Beehive Huts

Once we got to Dingle we stopped by the "Fungie the Dolphin" office because we knew we wanted to go on the tour. The next tour leaving was for 2:30pm so we made reservations and found some place to eat while waiting. We had the usual fish and chips and seafood chowder. It was yummy as always. I had to pop in all the cute souvenir shops to see if there was anything I needed (read: wanted.) Then it was time for our tour. The tour was amazing. We had a wonderful skipper and tour guide. He was so nice and informative. The boat we went on was also smaller which made it easier for us to see Fungie the Dolphin and it was better because less people. It was a great tour and if we didn't see him it was free. But of course we did and we were so happy. Fungie is nearly 50 years old and has been in the Dingle harbor since the 1980s which is super rare for a dolphin. For reference: we did the tour right by the main tourist office with the orange signs. This is the one we did.  
View on the way to our Airbnb. If only those damn power lines weren't in the way. 
The oldest church in Ireland!
At the sheep farm!

We stayed at the cutest little Airbnb in Camp on the Dingle Peninsula. It was a sheep farm and the owner, Brigid, was the sweetest. We got to feed and pet some of the sheep, it was really fun. It was tucked back in the hills and was super seclude and quiet which made for a wonderful nights rest. The owner also gave us homemade apple bread made from apples she grew on her farm. So yummy! 
love, Carlee
Pants: Macy's
Shoes: Belk
Sweatshirt: Ireland souvenir shop

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