Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hill of Crosses

This place was truly amazing and I took so many photos it definitely deserved its own post! So we drove from Kaunas Lithuania to Riga Latvia and we took the route that would lead us right by the Hill of Crosses because I knew it was something I definitely wanted to see. 
We followed the GPS which lead us right there and you can see the hill off in the distance a little bit. You will notice a car park and a little tourist office. You don't need to park there. You can just park on the side of the dirt road for free. The tourist office does have crosses that you can buy to leave on the site but we decided not to. We didn't want to leave a cross that looked like everyone else's. 
So this little stop was totally free for us because you don't have to pay to see the hill. Besides the Baltic states are pretty cheap anyways. The crosses though were truly amazing. Just when you thought you'd seen them all. You turn the corner and there are thousands more. There are some main paths which we mainly stuck to while wandering but there was also some little trails winding through the crosses that we took. I just was careful and wanted to be respectful of the site and area. 
The last Pope even visited the Hill of Crosses and some crosses are over 30ft high. The last time they counted there was over 100,000 Crosses and that was in 2006. 11 years ago. So I bet today there was more like 200,000! Not even kidding. There were also some other religious sculptures of Jesus and Mary and God. Most of the Crosses were wood  It was truly a wonderful site to see. Also a very cool history to how this hill came about.
love, Carlee
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