Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Callaway Gardens Hot Air Balloon Festival

This was probably one of my favorite nights in Columbus. On friday, we drove about 40 miles north of Columbus to Pine Mountain and the Callaway Gardens to watch their Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival. I have never been to one before but it was very cool. I have to admit that I did through a little bit of a fit when it got super humid around dinner time and I did not have a pony tail to put my hair up. Long story short Clark was super great and we went to the car and got a pony tail. That was easy. 
We ate really yummy food at awesome food trucks. Philly cheese steaks and italian ice. Cherry for him and pina colada for me. We people watched and waited for the sun to go down. After it got dark the pilots of the hot air balloons lit them up. It was called the Balloon Glow. If you are in South West Georgia area on Labor Day weekend I would definitely recommend that you check this out. It was very cool and definitely a great family event. 
Since we went on Friday, the first day, the festivities weren't in full swing but that is okay. I guess on Saturday and Sunday you could have rode in the Hot Air Balloons, Wizard of Oz all the way. haha.We had a wonderful time at this event and I love going on these adventures with Clark. However, the south humidity and me are not friends, AT ALL. But that is another story.
love, Carlee
Tank: Target
Shorts: Cutoffs 


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Great pictures!



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