Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our house plants

I used to not be a huge fan of house plants. I think the reason was because all the ones I had seen in peoples home were fake plants. I was not a fan of fake plants in the home. They look like they don't belong at all. But after seeing so many great live house plants that are available I decided that I wanted one. So on the weekend Clark and I made our way to pick out a medium size house plant. 
 While we were there Clark decided we should buy a couple small plants as well and of course I didn't say no. So I picked our the succulent and Clark picked out the cactus. I have always had little plants in my house growing up. I remember as a child my mom let my older brother and I pick out a cactus each and mine is still alive in the window sill at my childhood home after 10 years or so. Isn't that crazy? And we always had succulents growing up too. We called these kind Hen and Chicks. Is that a common thing? 
I think are plants are a great little addition to our living space. I can't wait to share larger peaks of my home so you can see how things tie in better. Enjoy your day.
love, Carlee

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