Thursday, September 26, 2013

North Carolina State Capitol

Since Clark only had to work half a day on last Friday we decided to head up to Raleigh for the day to check it out. We have kept saying how we want to go there and look around but we never did. So I thought what a better day to go and explore a little bit. We first walked around the state capitol. I really wanted to take a look around the capitol because I love the history and the old architecture. There was a lot of statues and history, it reminded me a lot of how the Washington DC grows are. 
While we were walking around the grows we noticed a street fair, so we headed that way. There was a ton of motorcycle displayed, street vendors, food vendors, and also kids skateboarding. Clark loved the skateboarding because back in junior high and high school he was into skateboarding a bit. So we enjoyed our day and then decided to hit up a nice Italian Restaurant. I really wanted to visit the Raleigh Farmers Market because I heard about how awesome it is. But after dinner we decided that we both wanted to go home.
Then we actually ended up going out dancing once we made it back to Fayetteville. We do these group dance lessons every Friday. Last Friday we learned the Waltz. It is really fun and we get to interact with a bunch of different people from the community which is really cool.
love, Carlee
Sweater: Forever 21
Shirt: American Eagle
Jeans: Old Navy
Purse: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean


  1. I think dance lessons sound like a great date night. I wonder if it would help our skills or just make me feel like a fool? I might need a pre-dance class drink:)

  2. I just love North Carolina! Such a beautiful state!


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