Saturday, September 7, 2013

Columbus GA Riverwalk

I really love riverwalks. I think it is so great when cities are built along rivers. Most of these southern town are, which I really like. It give them character and beauty. I wish my good ol' town of Fayetteville NC was built on a river but sadly no.
The Columbus GA riverwalk was built in 1992 and it is still in really great shape. It is nice to see when towns keep up their downtown areas. I love seeing all the brick and the character. Along this riverwalk there was whitewater rafting on the Chatohooche River, definitely man made but still really cool. We sat and watched for a while and a bunch of the rafts flipped over and the people went into the water. It looked like so much fun, especially in the heat and humidity. To bad you have to book reservation in advanced and it looked like something more you would do with a big group of people and not just a couple. Maybe next time.
Clark and I ate at this really yummy place downtown called the Cannon Brew Pub. I had a cheeseburger and he had fish tacos. We also had fried apple pie for dessert. It was SO yummy and a great atmosphere. We had a good time in Columbus.
love, Carlee
Tank: Forever21
Skirt and Jacket: Target
Sandals: Macys

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  1. I love your carefree style! Never change that! lovely!



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